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Venue: The Causeway School, Larkspur Drive, Eastbourne, BN23 8EJ


Saturday 2nd October

U15 events:

Boys Singles: 1:00pm

Girls Singles: 1:00pm

Boys Doubles: 2:30pm

Girls Doubles: 2:30pm


U18 events:

Boys Singles: 4:00pm

Girls Singles: 4:00pm

Boys Doubles: 5:30pm

Girls Doubles: 5:30pm


Sunday 3rd October

U11 events:

Boys Singles: 9:30am

Girls Singles: 9:30am

Boys Doubles: 10:30am

Girls Doubles: 10:30am 


U13 events:

Boys Singles: 11:30am

Girls Singles: 11:30am

Boys Doubles: 12:30pm

Girls Doubles: 12:30pm


Times are approximate and may vary (Check for latest timings)


Entries close: Friday 24th September 2021

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