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Senior Club

Code of Conduct

Lewes Badminton Club Code of Conduct

This code of conduct helps to ensure that all players have an enjoyable night of badminton. The aim of this document is to make clear to all players of the club's core values and the spirit in which we play the game.

Most of these guidelines are common courtesy, whilst others are specific to the badminton court. By adhering to the code of conduct, you will be helping us provide a safe, welcoming, and friendly environment for playing badminton.




Our number one rule is respect and consideration for other players. Treat others as how you would like to be treated yourself. Under no circumstances shall a player subject anyone to abuse of any kind (be it verbal or physical). At the discretion of the committee, players who are found to be in breach of this rule will no longer be permitted to play.

Do not use foul language, and endeavour to avoid language that may cause offense to others. In the event that you break this rule, apologise as soon as possible.

Be welcoming to all visitors, introduce yourself, and explain to them how the club works. If you are not a member of the club’s committee, please introduce a visitor to a committee member as soon as possible.

At times, you may be paired up with players of lesser ability than yourself. Look after them, offer constructive advice, and make them feel welcome on court. It is essential that all people involved in Badminton recognise and ensure that everyone has an equal right to participate and enjoy the sport.


Do not walk across any part of a badminton court while games are in progress.

Be mindful when walking behind a court while a rally is in progress. When possible, pause between the courts and continue walking in between rallies.


Should anyone become injured while on a court, immediately stop play on that court, and inform the sports centre staff if first aid may be necessary.


Selecting Games

We use a peg board system to maintain a constant flow of games during the evening.

When you arrive at club, find your named peg and add it to the board before you begin warming up or playing a game.


When a visitor arrives, please assist them by making it clear to them which visitor number they will be for the evening, and briefly explaining how the peg board works. Visitors should not be expected to pick games themselves, but should not be bypassed when their peg is at the head of the queue!


Do not complain if you are paired with players of a significantly different standard to yourself for a game. If you think that you are consistently being asked to play inappropriate games for any reason, politely and temporarily excuse yourself from the peg board queue for a few moments while you wait for other players.


In-Game Etiquette


Introduce yourself to your partner if you have never met. When practical, introduce yourself to opponents you have not met before.


Toss or knock the shuttlecock up to determine which side will serve.


If your shuttlecock lands on another court, wait for a break in play before retrieving it.


If you lose the point and the shuttlecock is on your side of the court, it is considered polite to fetch and return the shuttlecock to the opponent's court.


After a game, thank all the players by giving them a handshake or equivalent gesture.

Line Calls, Lets, and Faults


Make fair line calls when the shuttlecock lands on your side of the court.

The person nearest to the shuttlecock has the final decision and the call should not be disputed.


If you are in doubt as to whether the shuttlecock is in or out, either call it in favour of your opponent or play a let.


Importantly, respect and accept your opponent's calls – no matter how wrong you believe they may be.


If the shuttlecock hits the ceiling or roof beams, it is considered a fault.


Have Fun


We aspire to play competitive badminton, but this must be carried out in an atmosphere of friendly competition: we place greater emphasis on having fun.


Don't take things too seriously, and be gracious in victory or defeat.


There is nothing wrong with people having cause to laugh while they are on court!

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