From Primary school children just starting to learn how to play, up to our older college students and more proficient players, there is a coaching group suitable for any new junior wishing to join. Ages of our young players range from 9 up to 18, with opportunities to progress as a player develops. Older and more experienced players are also given the opportunity to join our senior club, offering them further challenges to progress.

Beginners & Intermediates

MONDAY - 7pm to 8pm

With support from both our Head Coach and Assistant coaches, our new and very young players are able to learn and play badminton in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Junior age range for this group is from 8 to 15 years, all learning the basics of playing badminton. Players are sub-divided into smaller groups so that when they practice they feel comfortable learning with players of similar ability. As our young players improve there are opportunities for them to advance either within their current group or to another of our coached sessions.

Intermediate & Advanced

For those players that choose to develop their playing skills further there are two options on Thursday evenings.

THURSDAY - 7pm to 8pm

Our first group on Thursdays is for players wishing to develop more tactical skills as well as improving their competitiveness. Players in this group already possess basic skills including serving and scoring. By this stage, most have also tasted some form of competitive badminton, through either their school or at one of the many junior competitions held throughout Sussex.


THURSDAY -  8pm to 10pm

This group is made up of slightly older juniors (up to and including college age), and includes players already at County level wanting to play weekly badminton to a high standard. Less coaching is needed as the emphasis is on competing, developing tactics and forming playing partnerships. 



FRIDAY - 7pm to 9pm

Our Development group includes young players seeking competitive badminton. Most are either at, or just below County standard for their age, with all wanting to progress their playing ability to the next level. Coaching is delivered on a wide range of subjects covering shot routines, tactical awareness, analysis, movement and physical work.